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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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reached in, he reached in the driver's side window and grabbed the interior door lock. >> the d.n.a. evidence led them to ian gadson who they arrested six days after the murder along with his partner in crime ryan alston. sheriff lott says thanks to their in-house crime lab, what was deemed a cold case was quickly solved. >> that shows you the value of having our own forensics lab in this building where we're able to get evidence and quickly turn around and file cases. >> the richland county sheriff's department started their own d.n.a. lab in 2004. since then, they've been internationally accredited and sheriff lott says they are the first lab in south carolina to earn that designation. frfrom the newsroom, jennifer >> thanks. columbia police are looking for answers after they say a man's body was found outside of a home this morning. investigators say the body of 34-year-old mario kelly was found at a home of a relative on queenstreet.
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a laceration to the head. >> the horry county coroner's office says evidence shows that the infant who died after being carried into a creek drowned. 5-month-old grace santa cruz was recovered from that creek in early november. her mother, 33-year-old sara toney is charged with homicide by child abuse. toney told investigators she was carrying the infant across the creek and the child was swept away. >> the mother of a rock hill toddler who accidentally shot himself has been arrested. police say patricia carter turned herself in on a charge of unlawful neglect of a child. in november, investigators say carter left a loaded nine millimeter pistol on a bed where the 3-year-old boy was lying. >> a disabled child in possession of a firearm. yesterday in chester, a teacher found something that you would not expect to find inside of a student's wheelchair. a gun. deputies say a teacher at chester park elementary school realized that her wheelchair bound student was sitting on a gun yesterday. investigators don't think the student brought the gun to
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but no word yet on who the gun belongs to or if it was loaded. weekend. what can we expect this evening? >> we even got some rain today. chief meteorologist john farley joins us now with a slight look at least into the beginning of the weekend. john? >> what we're going so see tonight is more of what we had today that is low clouds and at there. the temperatures 50's. they're not terribly cold. but not warm either. we're in low 50's and a few upper 40's. let's give you a peek of what's going on in terms of humidity. pretty high right now. some cases it will turn to fog pretty soon. if you're out driving especially closer to midnight, watch out for the fog. as we go overnight, clouds will be in play and again, a little bit of fog and even some drizzle going through the evening. as we work our way intnto the late night and morning hours, again, a little drizzle mixed in. temperatures dripping down to the low 40's. tomorrow is going to be a day where we'll see the clouds
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but the main part of the rain, that holds off until afternoon and evening. so yeah, probably get some stuff done outside tomorrow. again, kind of spitting on you in the beginning part of the day with the low clouds and drizzle.e. but again, the more substantial rain that's late afternoon and evening. we'll talk about what's going on for sunday and next week. that's coming up in just minute. >> thanks. trump show is in south carolina tonight as the g.o.p. leader is scheduled to speak to supporters at winthrop university in less than one hour. >> abc columbia's amy cowan is live in rock hill. amy? >> we are inside the coliseum right now. you can see behind me the crowd is already gathering by the podium and that is where donald trump will be coming out in just about an hour now. at 7:00, this coliseum holds 6,000 people and they're expecting it to be a packed house. almost half of the coliseum is
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people are still filing in. they've been waiting outside for hours leading up to this event. now, here in south carolina, we know that trump is leading in the polls. at the most recent check, winthrop has him at 24% but that is below the national average of about 33%. so a lot of support here in the palmetto state and we're seeing it here inside the coliseum. once again, he's coming out at 7:00. so in about an hour, a lot of supporters here. and we're going to see what he has to say and bring you a report later on tonight. reporting live here inside the coliseum at winthrop university, amy cowan for abc columbia news. >> all right. thank you, amy and trump is not the only candidate in the state today. happening right now, former florida governor jeb bush is speaking with supporters at dyers in diner in pendleton.
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for the jack kemp foundation forum. >> marco rubio is planning on taking part in the jack kemp forum. that's tomorrow. today, he held a meet and greet at carolina haven near williams-brice stadium. most polls have rubio running third d hind trump and ted cruz. city of columbia animal shelter is starting out the new year with a new goal. >> with details on how the shelter is planning to save more furry friends, here's abc columbia's beth rousseau. rooms at the city of columbia animal shelter filled with animals searching for a forever home. >> just five years ago, they were seeing almost 14,000 animals come through here. now, we're -- last year, we just saw over 9100 animals. this coming year, we were looking at our numbers to be closer to 82. >> along with that declining intake rate comes a drop in the number of euthanized animals.
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our live release rate, w w only 18%. this past year, or currently right now, we just ran our numbers. we're sitting at about 50%. >> but superintendent marli drum is confident those numbers can improve. there's a plan in place transitioning the city's shelter to a no kill facility by 2019. >> more of managed intake and that's just not being here for people that dump animals on us. it's talking to them, you know, finding out, you know, why are you turning in this animal? is there a resource out there that we can help you find and help you keep that animal? >> the doors are locked. and they have been since april 2015 when the animal shelter stopped accepting overnight surrenders saying that the service was being abused. >> that actually -- we saw, gosh, about five or six months, our intake dropped by 400 animals from that alone. >> according to drum, it will take a community effort to make the shift to no kill shelter. >> this shelter alone can't do it.
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with us. we need our citizens doing their parts. spaying and neutering and adopting. >> a community project that drum says is difficult but doable. at the city animal shelter, beth rousseau, abc columbia news. >> ok. let this number sink in. for just a minute. $800 million. and it could be yours. withtho winners in wednesday night's drawing, the powerball jackpot has bloomed now to the largest in u.s. history. now, if you're lucky enough to take home the big prize, that means after uncle sam gets his cut, you would take home $496 million. >> we've never had a jackpot this high and so all of us are feeling our way as we go along. very busy. sales are very good. we are urging people to play responsibly. >> the next drawing takes place at 11:00 saturday night. >> that's right. the money could be yours. if you can beat the odds. and the odds stand at this
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1 in 292 million. doesn't stack up all but you probably don't stack up that nicely but again, you got to play to win. cnn money says you're more likely to give birth to quadruplets even without the help of fertility treatments. which is a 1 in 729,000 chance. or more likely to be killed by an asteroid strike which is a 1 in 700,000 chance. and, perhaps, more likely to be struck by lightning. but struck by lightning while drowning which is a 1 in 183 million chance. >> well, i just feel like that's being a debbie downer. there is a chance. >> just being real. >> yeah, you can. >> play responsibly. basically what the message is. >> there are other ways to make money. that would be getting a job so putting america back to work. up next, we'll look at last month's job numbers. >> plus big changes at a midlands hospital. hope you stay with us for more
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was a strong year for the u-s >> thanks for staying with us tonight. 2015 was a strong year for the u.s. jobs market. employers added more than 2 1/2 million jobs. 292,000 of those jobs were added in december.
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gains in employment since 1999. >> sumter hospital has a new name tonight. and it's onene many of us in the midlands are familiar with already. this morning, toumey health care system became palmetto health toumey. representatives attended a flag raising ceremony this morning to mark the change. palmetto health c.e.o. charles beaman says the move means better care for more people here in the area. >> providing the care and compassion that we want for our families and ourselves. we want to take that vision here in this local community in this region and doing things together we believe things will be better for all of us. >> of course, palmetto health is a large network. one of the largest health care systems and employers in the state of south carolina. up next, john with a look at the weekend and your seven day forecast. >> we hope you stay with us for more abc columbia news at 6:00.
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gervais. >> we rounded out week kind of cool and raw. you're looking live right now in columbia and as you see the flag flopping there on top of the statehouse, that's the wind blowing out of the northeast. we had that in play all day and with that, we had the cool, low clouds in there as well. let's give you a look at the highs today. we got to only 50 degrees. but when you add in the low of 45, it actually on average all day long was warmer than average because the overnight low didn't
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only got to 45. so a five degree move in the temperatures today and as we go tonight, they're not going to move very much either. foggy out there tonight. we're going to get showers. drizzly type in the morning and then bona fide showers tomorrow evening but it will clear out for your sunday. so second half of the weekend looking ok. here we go. hehe are the temperatures and they're not going to drop all that far. the reason for that, they're right around, you know, upper 40's, low 50's because there's a lot of fog starting to develop. st. matthews down to three miles visibility and remember, it's only 6:00 at night so we're going to go down from there. plan on some fog. especially if you're out traveling late tonight, go out to dinner or something, plan on fog on your way home and certainly into tomorrow morning. in terms of the substantial rain, it's really just starting to get going here off the coast of texas. there's a little wave getting going right in here. this is going to move fairly quickly and be in here 24 hours from now. that's when we'll be seeing the rain as it comes on through. but in terms of the fog, there we are, 8:00 tomorrow morning, there is a lot of low cloududess
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we go through the day, again, cloudy, cloudy, cloudy. the forecast here, first time we'd see some rain. more substantial rain 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 and watch what happens. it goes through fairly quickly and by the time we get to early sunday morning, 8:00, 9:00 in the e rning getting up for church, you should be seeing breaks in the clouds and going through the day, the sun will really be pushing through and it will be windy. you'll notice that winds are out of the southwest gusting to 30. a lot of winds on sunday. there are the temperatures tonight down to the mid to in some cases low 40's. a little bit of drizzle. tomorrow, we start with fog, drizzle and then as the afternoon and evening comes in, that's when we see the showers. doesn't look like it will be a big rain maker but a little something out of it. it drieses out for many days to come after the wind on saturday, it clears everything out. it gets cold. next week, get ready for some 20's for highs and even 40's -- rather, 20's for lows. and 40's for highs. all right, that's your weather. >> thank you so much, john. will muschamp officially
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coaches this morning. >> yes, and we are getting closer to the alabama-clemson matchup in glendale, arizona.
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coming up next. clemson's >> this is championship experience. this is truly a business trip. >> clemson's business trip beginning today. i'm mike gillespie. journey begins today for the number one team in college football. tigers leaving clemson for phoenix today greeted by thousands of fans outside of tigers stadium before the national championship game with alabama on monday night. now, last night, dabo swinney meeting with the media and he says yeah, this definitely now feels like championship week. >> this is it. playing in the national championship so certainly, they all get that but the game is the same. the preparation is the same. and how you've got to play to have a chance to win is the same
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but they all get it. it's all you see and all you hear. there's nothing else to talk about. there's two teams left. >> >> nick saban stressing the importance the need to stop their up tempo offense. tide shouldn't be too concerned. alabama number one in defensive efficiency ranked in the top five of every defensive category. saban saying earlier this week stopping clemson starts with stopping deshaun watson. >> we play against this all the time. sometimes good. sometimes not so good. so, you know, we're trying to get it right so we can play, you know, well in this game. i think what they do is very good, very difficult to defend and they have a dual threat as a quarterback. makes it even more difficult to defend. >> watson a lot better than the quarterbacks alabama has faced this season averaging nearly double the yards per game than alabama's opposing quarterbacks this year.
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nearly three times as many touchdowns and has taken about a third of the sacks that alabama's opposing quarterbacks have taken this season. and has a much higher quarterback rating. sticking with football, saban's former assistant will muschamp has had a busy season assembling his staff in south carolina. he introduced his staff to the media. each of his assistant coaches taking the time to talk about recruiting and coming to carolinea. muschamp brought three assistants that worked with him from florida to carolina. there's a little bit of method behind his madness. >> a lot of the guys that i've coached with and coached against, recruited with, recruited against and, you know, had some guys on this staff that left their alma maters and left other positions. i had a guy leave the nfl because they all wanted to be at south carolina. >> big weekend in basketball for both the men and women. women taking on 20th ranked
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the guys have a matchup at home with vanderbilt tomorrow. carolina 14-0. just one of two undefeated left in college basketball. u.s.c. ranked 22nd in the country. that's the highest ranking for the gamecocks since 1998. tipoff set for 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. exciting time to be in carolina and exciting time to cover sportsts what more could you ask for? >> it's good. >> you're going to the game. >> i am. going to the game tomorrow. we'll be there 3:00 since i can't make it to the clemson game. wish i had tickets. >> i know. >> ben? >> kind of far away. >> you could have got tickets. you have a hookup like that. >> no, i do not!
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>> stay close. >> fog in the morning followed by some late day showers and clearing on sunday. >> you've been watching abc columbia news at 6:00. we thank you for making us your choice for news. >> stay tuned for "world news tonight" with david muir.
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